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What is now known as ENERGA Group emerged from the so-called "G-8 Group", eight electricity facilities operating in northern, central and eastern Poland. As a result of their consolidation, Koncern Energetyczny ENERGA SA based in Gdańsk (now ENERGA-OPERATOR SA) commenced its operations on 1 January 2005.


On 6 December 2006, on the initiative of the State Treasury, Koncern Energetyczny ENERGA SA and Zespół Elektrowni Ostrołęka SA, ENERGA SA was established. As a result of further restructuring processes, in May 2007 ENERGA SA earned the status of the Group’s holding company. Koncern Energetyczny ENERGA and Zespół Elektrowni Ostrołęka SA became its subsidiaries.


The flotation of ENERGA SA shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 11 December 2013 marked one of the milestones for the Group, not just in 2013 but throughout its history. The prospectus was published on 18 November 2013. The flotation was preceded by the largest public offering in more than two years. Its total value was PLN 2.4 billion. The offering was very popular with institutional and individual investors alike.


Three months after its flotation, on 31 March 2014, ENERGA SA ranked 13th in a prestigious ranking "Listed Company of the Year", organised by the editors of Puls Biznesu magazine and TNS Polska.

Anniversary of debut on the WSE

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