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Generation Segment

The Generation Segment is a business unit formed by the segment leader doing business as Energa Wytwarzanie SA and 13 generation and anciliary companies. This segment consolidates operations in four key areas:

  • renewable energy sources,
  • must run power plants,
  • co-generation of heat and electricity,
  • ancillary services.

ENERGA Wytwarzanie SA manages Poland’s largest run-of-river Hydro Power Plant in Włocławek (160 MW) , Pumped-Storage Power Plant in Żydowo ( 157 MW) and 45 small-scale hydro power plants ( 46 MW) located mainly in northern Poland. The company also manages the generation capacity of 5 wind farms with a capacity of 211 MW in northwestern Poland -  Karcino (51 MW), Karścino (90 MW), Bystra (24 MW), Myślino ( 20 MW), Parsówek (26 MW) and  photowoltaic (photovoltaic) power plant near Gdańsk (1,6 MWe) and in Czernikowo (3,8 MWe).

In 2015, ENERGA Group’s generation companies produced approx. 967 GWh (19%) less electricity than they did in the corresponding period of the previous year. The main reason was a decline in coal-fired production in the must-run power plant in Ostrołęka (882 GWh), which was caused, among others, by the general overhaul of one of the units of the must run power plant (which lasted for the entire 2nd half of 2015) and PSE’s lower demand for must run operation. Additionally, lower electricity production was observed in run of the river hydro power plants (by 149 GWh), mainly due to the unfavorable hydrologic conditions caused by an extremely warm and dry summer. At the same time, production from the Group’s wind farms increased (by 111 GWh), among others as a result of additional production from the new wind farm Myślino (51 GWh) and better wind conditions. Decrease of energy production from biomass co-burning (by 34 GWh) results from, among others, the aforementioned overhaul of one unit in the must-run power plant.

In Q2 2016, the Group’s gross production was 0.8 TWh of electricity. The installed capacity of our power plants relies on diverse energy sources, such as hard coal, hydropower, wind, biomass and solar energy. In Q2 2016, 66% of the Group’s gross electricity production originated from hard coal, 24% from hydro, 9% from wind and 1% from biomass. The Segment Leader is ENERGA Wytwarzanie SA.  At the end of Q2 of this year, the Group had 0.58 GW installed capacity in renewable energy sources, in which the Group’s gross electricity production reached 263 GWh


Management Board of ENERGA WYTWARZANIE SA:

Robert Szaj – President of the Management Board
Bartosz Duzinkiewicz – Vice-President of the Management Board
Andrzej Moczydłowski – Vice-President of the Management Board
Roman Pionkowski -Vice-President of the Management Board


Supervisory Board

Grzegorz Strzelczyk - Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Anna Trzeciak
Beata Łęgowska
Bartosz Łapiński
Andrzej Denis


Energa Wytwarzanie Sp. z o.o.
al. Grunwaldzka 472, 80-209 Gdańsk
Correspondence address
ul. Grunwaldzka 42 A, 83-000 Pruszcz Gdański
T : (58) 692 18 00, F: (58) 692 18 80
taxpayer ID no. (NIP) 593-23-72-895, REGON 192902676, No. KRS 0000162104


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