We are one of the four largest power groups in Poland. Our core business entails distribution, generation and sales of electricity and heat. We are one of the three largest electricity suppliers in Poland. We supply electricity to more than 2.9 million retail and business clients We operate more than 184 thousand km of power lines for the transmission of 21.5 TWh of electricity annually. Our distribution grid covers almost 75 thousand km2, i.e. representing approximately 24% of the country’s landmass. 



In 2015 we generated over 4.1 TWh of electricity in 59 generation facilities, including the must run power plant in Ostrołęka, 2 combined heat and power plants, 47 hydro power plants (46 MW), including Poland’s largest hydro power plant in Włocławek (160 MW) , a pumped storage plant in Żydowo (157 MW),  5 wind farms (total capacity 211 MW) and 2 PV farm (total capacity 5,4 MWe) . The installed capacity in the Group’s power plants relies on diverse energy sources, such as hard coal, hydropower, wind and biomass. In 2015 the Group generated 57% of its gross energy from hard coal, 17% from hydro, 15% from biomass and 10% from wind.

The total electrical power capacity installed in the Group’s power plants is 1.4 GW. 41 percent of which accounts for renewable energy sources (RES).  Green energy is produced in 46 hydro power plants, four wind farms and in biomass-fired installations and photowoltaic (photovoltaic) power plant. At the end of 2015, the Group had an installed capacity of 0.56 GW in renewable energy sources whose gross production was 1.7 GWh of electricity in full-year 2015.

The size of our business means that we are one of the largest employers in Poland providing safe places for work and development for approximately 8.5 thousand people.