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Distribution Segment

The Distribution Segment is a business unit formed by ENERGA-OPERATOR SA, the segment leader and its specialized subsidiaries. They are jointly responsible for performing the tasks of the Distribution System Operator.

The segment’s organizational model defines a clear split of roles and responsibilities for performing tasks, separating the role of the budget and network asset manager from those functions that work on the grid.

Pursuant to the decision made by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, the segment leader is the Distribution System Operator. According to the requirements for the distribution activity concession, this segment is responsible for developing, operating and modernizing the distribution infrastructure in the area where it operates and for ensuring the supply of energy with the correct quality parameters to end-users connected to its power grid.

ENERGA-OPERATOR SA supplies electricity in an area covering almost ¼ of Poland’s landmass (northern and central portion of the country). It provides services to a total of 2.9 million end-users. The company operates 184 thousand km of power lines of all voltages, used to transmit 21.5 TWh of electricity to end-users annually. In addition, the Company’ s assets consist of the following: 279 main supply points and high voltage switchyards, roughly 59 thousand medium/low voltage stations and medium voltage switchyards and roughly one million connections.

Electricity distribution area served by ENERGA-OPERATOR SA



ENERGA-OPERATOR SA is a commercial law company with 100 percent of its shares held by ENERGA SA.

Management Board:

Piotr Dorawa – President of the Management Board

Krzysztof Bączyk - Vice-President of the Management Board

Krzysztof Dębczyński - Vice-President of the Management Board

Marek Kasicki - Vice-President of the Management Board


Supervisory Board

Jerzy Milewski - Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Violetta Mackiewicz–Sasiak
Krzysztof Retyk
Andrzej Stepnowski
Paweł Szawłowski



Marynarki Polskiej 130, 80-557 Gdańsk
T: (58) 778 82 00, F: 58 732 60 69
taxpayer ID no. (NIP) 583-000-11-90, REGON 190275904, No. KRS 0000033455


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