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Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are a way for the Energa Group to implement its business objectives and mission statement stating "we improve our clients’ comfort at home and work". We strive to maintain the right balance between operating activity, ethical behavior, environmental protection and the needs of all our stakeholders.

We believe that strategic management of corporate social responsibility fosters the attainment of long-term benefits. That is why we have elected to interlink our sustainable development strategy with our business strategy and to set long-term goals. By doing so we will be able to assess to what extent the actions taken are producing the expected results, which areas require special attention and to what extent CSR measures are supporting the company’s overall growth objectives.

Being transparent in financial and non-financial areas alike constitutes added value not only for shareholders but for all our firm’s stakeholders. That is why the investment in pursuing our CSR strategy and regularly reporting non-financial data depicting the impact our actions exert on the environment are so vital to us.

We report non-financial matters in accordance with the international guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Since 2010, we have published four corporate social responsibility reports for our Group in which we have described our CSR activities.










The "Our Responsibility 2015" report presents not just the ratios describing the Group companies’ CSR activity but also, for the first time, we additionally present the impact our actions exert on the society, environment and economy. As it evaluated these effects – resulting directly from the Energa Group’s activities and indirectly from its relationships with customers, employees, supply chain entities and other stakeholders, the Energa Group was able to get a clearer picture of the values its activities foster in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility

The fourth report entitled 2014 CSR Report was prepared based on guidelines from Global Reporting Initiative G4.0 at the Core level (giving consideration to ratios in the supplement for utility sector companies). During our work on this document we utilized internal information collection systems and a specially construed IT tool to present ratios describing the Group’s non-financial performance

The report entitled "Our Responsibility 2013" received an award from the journalist jury in the eighth annual competition called "CSR Reports". Journalists appreciated the composition and method of presenting information in this document describing how the Group blends business development with the interests of its environment. The report entitled "Our Responsibility 2012" - received the Bronze Column 2014 award for its intriguing graphic layout and the main prize as a single shot project in the Agape Corporate Bulletin competition.

We perceive our business activity, social surroundings, environment and nature as a coherent whole. We are actively and responsibly involved in the life of local communities, in particular in those areas where our transmission and generation infrastructure is located, for this is precisely where the majority of our stakeholders live. We get involved in things that really matter to them. We create conditions to grow investments intensively, we support entrepreneurship but first of all we are open to the needs of local communities.

Since 2008 our prosocial activities have been incorporated into a comprehensive program called 'Energa for You'. In this scheme we focus on the key areas, in line with values important to us and local communities, such as human beings, the joy of living, education, environment, ecology, safety and the future of children. We have started and continue to run the following ongoing projects:

We are aware that energy is an indispensable product in the day-to-day life of every human being, firm and institution. Concurrently, we are perfectly well aware that the process of generating energy has an impact on the natural environment. That is why we are steadfastly pursuing our strategy of reducing its impact on the natural environment thanks to development of environment-friendly energy sources, including investments in renewable energy sources and support of efficient energy consumption. To this end the Group employs tested technologies reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the generation and distribution process. These actions have made it possible to retain the top spot among the largest utilities in Poland measured by the percentage of electricity generated using RES in the total generation of energy.

To recognize its ecological solutions in 2012 Energa received a prize from the President of Poland in the Green Economy category.

In 2014 we enhanced our actions in the field of ethical management. We have written and published a document entitled "Energa SA’s Code of Ethics" that defines the values the Company considers to be important and the rules of business conduct in the organization.

Moreover, we have implemented an environmental management system compliant with the EMAS Regulation - The Energa Group’s Environmental Policy.  This document sets the general directions for our development with respect to environmental activity. It obliges us to maintain compliance with all legal regulations, continuously improve the effects of our operations and limit the adverse effect on the environment. It creates a framework for organizing, functioning and setting environment-related goals and tasks. Environmental protection is also one of the pillars in the "Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility strategy" adopted in 2014. This strategy is aligned to the 'Energa Group’s Strategy for 2013-2020' with its objective being to provide support by propagating and monitoring the execution of CSR-related goals in the Energa Group.

On 15 September 2014 Energa SA acceded to the UN Initiative Global Compact, thereby committing itself to adhering to ten principles of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and prevention of corruption.

For our outstanding CSR activity in 2016 and 2015 we received the CSR Golden Leaf from POLITYKA.

We are one of the largest employers in Pomerania. At the end of 2014, the ENERGA Group employed roughly 8.5 thousand employees. We make sure that our workplaces are safe and friendly – free from discrimination, promoting diversity and work-life balance. We are doing our utmost to engage employees in corporate management through good communication and dialog. We attach great importance to building a sense of accountability for work safety among employees and vendors. The care we show for our employees and the actions we take in this area have been recognized by the community and have borne fruit in the form of conferring the title of Reliable Employer 2011 to Energa.

Energa has also won recognition as a public company conforming with corporate social responsibility and its shares are included in the prestigious Respect Index on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The person responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility activities (CSR) at the ENERGA Group is:


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