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Business areas

 The activity of ENERGA Group includes distribution, the generation and the sale of the electric energy.



Distribution Segment encompassing the distribution of electricity. The leader in this segment is Energa- Operator SA.


Generation Segment primarily entailing the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources and generation activity in conventional power plants and combined heat and power plants as well as the distribution of heat. The leader in this segment is Energa Wytwarzanie SA.

  Sales Segment consisting of activity related to the sales of electricity and customer service conducted by the segment leader’s companies Energa Obrót SA and ENERGA Obsługa i Sprzedaż as well as street and road lighting services provided by ENERGA Oświetlenie.  


Energa SA consolidates and governs the operations supporting the Group's three principal operating segments.

The companies rendering support services to the major operating segments are primarily shared services centers providing accounting, HR, payroll, administrative and ICT support services.



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