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Key assets


184 thous. km of power lines
5.4 TWh of electricity delivered in Q2 2016
Geographical coverage of 75 thous. km2


Hydro power plants
Włocławek (160 MW)
Smaller generating entities (46 MW)
Pumped storage plant in Żydowo (157 MW)

5 wind farms (total capacity 211 MW)
Karcino (51MW)
Karścino (90MW)
Bystra (24MW)
Myślino (20 MW)
Parsówek (26 MW)

PV farm near Gdansk (1.6 MWe) and in Czernikowo (3,8 MWe)

System power plant in Ostrołęka (647 MW, new heat source EEO B –220 MWt)

Other CHP plants (82 MWe, 486MWt)


2.9 million customers
5.5 TWh  electricity sold in Q2 2016 (4.6 TWh–retail sales)

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